Travis Hill is a recurring character on Season 7 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Michael Watson.

Series arc Edit

Travis was a former prison guard who ran a Christmas tree lot and recognized Eve Cleary from the prison at which he worked. When he realized that she was trying to hide her past, he tried to blackmail her into sleeping with him in exchange for her silence.

However, after Kyle McBride found out about his proposal, he showed up at the Christmas tree lot and viciously assaulted Travis, warning him to stay away from Eve and leave town. Travis packed up the next morning and left.

He returned several weeks later, then a reformed L.A. Patrol officer. Peter Burns had just dumped Eve for Amanda, so Travis took advantage of the situation while she was drunk. After they had sex, Eve asked Travis to hurt Peter and Amanda, but he declined. She threw him out of her apartment, further falling into insanity.