Rikki Abbott is a recurring character in Season 3 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place.

Character Edit

Rikki was a woman that Sydney Andrews met in a coffee shop and asked her to move into the Melrose Place Apartment Complex in order to pay rent after Amanda Woodward raised it by two hundred dollars.

Rikki introduced Sydney to her husband, Martin Abbott, who was the leader of a polygamous cult. After that, she began manipulating everyone in the building, trying to drive a wedge between Sydney and everyone else. First, Rikki tore up some of Jane Andrews's clothing line. Then, she stole Jo Reynolds's cameras. Finally, she vandalized Shooters. Jane, Jo, and Jake Hanson all blamed Sydney, who soon found herself without an ally. Rikki then invited her to come and stay with her "friends".

Once on a reservation with the group, Rikki became a lot more hostile towards Sydney, to the point when Sydney tried to leave, she and Martin nabbed her in a truck and threw her in a hole.

After Jake and Jane helped Sydney escape, Rikki made one last phone call to Sydney, saying they would be back for her one day.