Richard Hart is a recurring character on FOX drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Patrick Muldoon.

Character Edit

Richard was a young designer who was the husband of Mackenzie Hart, who ran her own design business and had Richard as the president.

Richard won the romantic attention of Jane Andrews. In Season 4, the two were eventually engaged, but Richard ended their relationship upon discovering that Jane — still reeling from past experiences in her love life — wasn't actually in love with him.

However, he still harbored passion for her, and later raped Jane while they were in a hotel on business. While plotting revenge, Jane pretended to have fallen for Richard again, secretly planning to kill and bury him.

When she confronted Richard with a gun and attempted to shoot him, however, Jane found that her sister, Sydney, had secretly removed the bullets. Richard then attacked Jane, but Sydney appeared and knocked him unconscious with a shovel. Believing him to be dead, the women then buried Richard and left. However, his hand soon shot up from the ground in a season-ending scene.

Richard then played mind games with Jane from afar, leading her to suspect that he was still alive. She and Sydney later confirmed this, and Richard eventually confronted them directly. However, the two managed to escape, and Richard later died in a police shootout.