Rhonda Blair Haggard is a principal character on Season 1 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place. She is portrayed by Vanessa Williams.

Character Edit

A good-spirited and playful woman, Rhonda lived at Melrose Place and was a good friend of several other tenants, particularly Matt Fielding and Alison Parker. Rhonda eventually met her Mr. Right in the highly romantic Terrence Haggard. However, it later dawned on her that Terrence seemed more smitten by the person he viewed her as than the person she actually was. She then canceled their engagement, and the two took a break. After finding their ways back to one another, they also found genuine love.

Rhonda later attempted to surprise Terrence by proposing to him via a fortune cookie over dinner. The restaurant, however, had erred and failed to include the correct message, so a slightly shaken Rhonda was forced to ask him directly. After it was later revealed that Terrence had accepted, the two left the show together in the first season finale. When the show was "revived" again, Rhonda and Terrence were married at Melrose Place's courtyard. After Amanda Woodward-Chaney resigned from being a landlord to Melrose Place, Rhonda happily accepted the position as landlord for Melrose Place.

Rhonda and Terrence now have 2 children, daughter Miranda and son Terrence Jr.