Megan Lewis is a character on FOX drama soap Melrose Place. She is portrayed by Kelly Rutherford.

Character Edit

Megan was a hooker who was hired by Kimberly Shaw to sleep with Kimberly's husband, Michael, during a period in which Kimberly found herself unable to have sex with him. Megan came to be a hooker because she had an alcoholic father who divorced her mom when she was 11. She ran away when she was 14. She became a hooker to support her father's medical bills and her mother's trailer rent, though this was later retconned when Megan returned home to visit her family, who were actually quite wealthy. Feelings between Megan and Michael became deeper and more loving than Kimberly had anticipated, leading the pair to get married after he and Kimberly divorced. Despite this, however, Megan remained close to Kimberly, supporting her during a time of illness.

During this time, her former pimp, Josh Laughlin, showed up and told her she was not going to leave his employ. He continued to weasel his way into her life, even approaching Michael at one point to convince him she was still working for him. Eventually, however, he was revealed to have been hired by Kimberly. She eventually reconciled with Michael and was with Kimberly when she died. Eventually, Megan became repulsed by Michael's actions, and a divorce soon followed. She later became romantically involved with Dr. Brett Cooper. Megan's life was pretty calm for a while until Coop applied for a job in Pennsylvania. His interviewer, George Larner, began sexually harassing her, stating that in order for Coop to get the job, she would have to sleep with him. She fought back, approaching his wife and threatening to reveal the truth to her.

Later, Brett's ex-wife Lexi was soon faced with false embezzlement charges due to her father's actions, and needed to produce five million dollars as a result. Eventually, Megan encouraged him to remarry Lexi on platonic terms, which brought the pair an inheritance that ended Lexi's problems. Brett was soon seduced by Lexi, and wound up cheating on Megan. Growing remorseful and resentful, he eventually attempted to kill his wife while on a sailing trip, but Megan appeared and saved Lexi's life, prompting Brett to leave town. Megan was then befriended by Lexi and later worked with her closely.

She eventually met and gradually fell in love with Ryan McBride. At times, however, this relationship was complicated by hesitation on both their parts, as well as her lingering feelings for Michael. In time, Megan discovered that Ryan had a daughter in boarding school named Sarah, who eventually ran away from the building in search of her father. Sarah ended up meeting Megan instead, and the two bonded for a time before Ryan discovered the girl's new whereabouts. Megan later married Ryan after he'd gained custody of Sarah, and the two began raising the girl together.