Matt Fielding is a main character on FOX drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Doug Savant.

Character Edit

Matt was a noble, mild-mannered character who lived at Melrose Place and eventually became a doctor. He formed friendships with several tenants and co-workers, including a woman at his job named Katya Petrova—a foreigner who Matt married in order to help her remain in the United States with her young daughter, Nikki. but because Matt was gay, the marriage was only platonic. Katya later had to visit her home country on personal business, and Matt cared for her daughter while she was away. He eventually sent the girl to be with her mother after Katya decided to remain home.

Matt sometimes played a detective-like role in the show. When he suspected that the mysterious marriage between his friends Michael and Sydney was headed for a violent end, he tracked them down on vacation along with police, only to discover that Michael hadn't gone through with it. When he realized that the returned Kimberly Shaw, who'd been presumed dead, was harboring secrets, he took it upon himself to discover them. In addition, one of the men Matt was involved with eventually killed someone and attempted to set up Matt for it. Because of Matt's persistence in proving his innocence, however, the man later admitted the truth to police following a confrontation.

Throughout the series, Matt was the victim of homophobia, including being fired twice for being gay, gay-bashed twice (once by the order of Kimberly, which drew the ire of Detective John Rawlings) and arguing with his parents. He was also fired from his job by Calvin Hobbs, but won it back after Tom Riley sued the hospital. Matt took custody of his niece, Chelsea, following the death of his brother. Eventually, he moved with her to San Francisco. Matt later died in a car accident while coming to visit his friends. His memories of them, however, were shared via a diary.

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