Kyle McBride is a character on FOX drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Rob Estes.

Character Edit

Kyle is a tough former Marine who is a good-natured chef and club-owner and generally tries to do the right things. He is introduced in the fifth season of Melrose Place, moving into the titular apartment complex with his wife Taylor. He owns his own restaurant, Kyle's, and later buys the jazz club, The Upstairs.

Series Edit

It was revealed that Kyle had previously been unfaithful to Taylor with Jennifer Mancini, but was trying to make amends and repair a broken marriage. However, he found himself tempted by Sydney Andrews and the two had a brief fling after Kyle had a fight with Taylor over her time spent with Peter Burns.

Eventually, Taylor cheated on Kyle with Peter, which was exposed by Nick Reardon and Craig Field and eventually led the McBrides to divorce. Kyle later provided support and comfort for Peter’s ex, Amanda Woodward, during a highly difficult time in her life.

After Amanda proposed a business arrangement in which she would invest her money in his dream, a jazz club called The Upstairs, the two came up with a plan to get quickie divorces so that their cheating spouses would have no claim on the business. They had Taylor and Peter sign their papers and then flew to the Dominican Republic to make them official. Kyle and Amanda stayed on the beach and their relationship deepened as they talked most of the night. Kyle was devastated by his divorce because his parents had been married for 35 years and he thought he had the same thing. Kyle and Amanda later kissed, but agreed they shouldn't go any further.

As the two got to know each other fairly well, they explored a relationship that eventually led to marriage. However, before their wedding, Kyle began having nightmares about the Gulf War and a woman named Christine. Taylor McBride took upon herself to look into Kyle's past in the war, learning of a woman named Christine with whom Kyle was romantically involved. Christine died in the war, but Taylor and Nick Reardon hired Tiffany Hart to pose as Christine in order to cause problems between Kyle and Amanda.

She faked being suicidal on their wedding day, which caused the wedding not to happen after Kyle went out to save her. However, Nick accidentally killed Tiffany and set up a fake suicide on the actual wedding day.

Kyle and Peter were able to put their differences aside and become friends. Kyle’s problems with drinking, however, ended up straining his marriage to Amanda, and the two later divorced, leading to her reunion with Peter.

Kyle was eventually joined in L.A. by his brother Ryan McBride, and began a relationship with Jane Andrews. Kyle and Jane concluded the series happily together living in the Malibu Beach House.