Keith Gray is a recurring character on Melrose Place. He is portrayed by William R. Moses.

Character Edit

Keith was a love interest of Alison Parker, who she became quite serious about in the first season. He was introduced as a generally normal man who was committed to Alison, though their relationship was sometimes complicated by Keith's unresolved matters with his ex. He eventually asked Alison to move to Seattle with him, and she agreed. However, Alison later returned to Los Angeles after realizing that she preferred living there. In the process of these events, her relationship with Keith ended, and she began seeing her roommate, Billy Campbell. Keith later visited L.A. for a time and got to see Alison again, though he was secretly a changed man. When someone began stalking Alison, Billy eventually suspected Keith. These suspicions were later confirmed, and Keith attempted to rape Alison in his hotel room. She escaped, and Keith returned to Seattle.

A shaken Keith later called Alison to apologize for his actions, and fatally shot himself over the phone. Though she became highly disturbed afterwards, Alison was able to begin moving on with Billy's help.