Jack Parezi is a recurring character on Season 4 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Antonio Sabato Jr.

History Edit

Jack, a sly and cunning man, was introduced as the abusive and criminal husband of Amanda Woodward. The two had been separated for five years due to Amanda faking her death to escape him. When the marriage was discovered by Brooke Armstrong, an employee at Amanda's advertising agency, Brooke eventually tracked Jack down in Florida to learn about him. Their brief encounter prompted a curious Jack to investigate Brooke, which gradually led to clues that Amanda was still alive.

Upon coming to Los Angeles, Jack eventually had a face-to-face encounter with Amanda, accompanied by his lawyer, Nick Diamond. He initially proclaimed himself to be a changed man, and stated that he merely wanted to divorce her so that they could both move on. In time, however, an arrogant Jack began to position himself back into Amanda's life via business and unwelcome physical advances. During a meeting between the two at Jack's home in the city, he revealed that the talk of divorce was merely a ruse, and tried to force himself on her physically. When Amanda fought back, Jack eventually tripped while pursuing her and fell from an indoor balcony. He was brought to the hospital and connected to a breathing assistance machine. When Amanda tried to unplug him from the machine, he dragged her onto his bed, but then died from the effort.