Charles Reynolds is a guest character in Season 1 of Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Linden Ashby.

Character Edit

Charles is the brash and successful ex-husband of Jo Reynolds from New York. He came from a very wealthy family and was married to Jo for four years before she left without even a note. Their marriage ended due to his tendency to become drunken and abusive.

Not long after Jo had moved into Melrose Place, Charles came to town seeking a friendly reunion, and appeared to be a changed man. Eventually, however, his drunken ways emerged once again, partly motivated by the knowledge that Jo was seeing someone. During a brief scuffle, Jo had to fend Charles off one night in her apartment, prompting him to leave in an arrogant, intoxicated rage.

The next morning, Jo briefly confronted Charles before he could leave town, confirming that she'd moved on and wanted nothing more to do with him. They then parted ways.

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