Arthur Field is a character on Melrose Place. He is portrayed Michael Des Barres.

Character Edit

Arthur was the D&D Advertising chairman of the board and father of Craig Field. He was very into office politics and favored Billy Campbell after he had become a no-nonsense, corrupt ad man. He was seen to have loved gossiping about the sex life of Amanda Woodward, information which he passed on to his son when he came to work there.

After Craig started and had conflict with Billy, Arthur demanded that Amanda fire Billy. Billy later overheard Arthur telling Craig to learn everything he could from Amanda before he destroyed her.

However, after Craig learned he had controlling interest in D&D Advertising, Craig rebelled against his father and blackmailed him with the information that Arthur had accidentally killed his own father and had covered it up with Craig's help.

He later died of a heart attack after arguing with Craig.